Thursday, August 25, 2005

Do we need a Pony Express??

Loris Points

Having a bit of a problem dodging all those sunken places in
our streets and all the personhole covers that were never raised on
Nicholasville Rd, Harrodsburg Road and often traveled streets like
Maxwell, Upper, and Third. Third Street is a nightmare. It is a good
idea to tell the public which streets are to be resurfaced. Other
questions surface such as, how we got in this mess. Things fall
apart, the center cannot hold.....(indeed, I must read that poem in its
entirety again---it has been a year, at least.) I'd hate to think we
are headed toward a re-invention of the pony express (with bags on).
Not sure my bad back could take that.  Cheryl needs to tell us how
far into the burbs we need to go before there are obstacle free streets
with curbs and very little, if any, boom-boom speeding crazies.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Suburbs vs. City—hear me, Cheryl!

So what did our forebearers do when the heat got turned up the way it
is now?? I talked earlier today with a friend who always sits on her
porch every day. I note she is going to sit out later today. Maybe by
five or six it will be a bit cooler or raining again.

I am wondering what Cheryl Truman has in mind regarding living
downtown vs. (it seems to be vs.) living in suburbs. I thought people
lived where they chose to live except for those who don't choose but
"just drop down" where they are when they find a spot in the shade.
They are usually found by someone the next morning. We who live
downtown have to be far more vigilant about our neighborhoods. Many
of us have a long profile of slum landlords by name and attitude.
After many years of being bashed by absentee landlords we do things
like occupy code enforcement phone lines. We wonder how long a burned
out shell of a fine house would stand in.......Chevy Chase. We have
had one since January on Headley Avenue. It is an insult to the entire
area that every agency of government moves at a slow snail pace. After
all these years of having historic districts. we still wonder why
there is such a silence among city agencies about code enforcement in
H-l districts. We have a strong sense of defending turf, Cheryl, and
must have it. If that produces someone's definition of snobbery, so
be it. In 60 years some suburban areas will be defending their spaces

Teacher Nightmares This Week

Yes, this happens. Some teachers won't admit it but the week before
school starts is a high anxiety time. Last weekend I visited with
several retired teachers who indicate that they still are subject to
the anxieties of school starting. Some examples of these: Teacher
is facing the class, looks down, and notices her skirt is missing.
Teacher notes that his or her shoes are not the same. He or she
arrives at school to find all plans left on his/her desk are missing.
First class is coming in the door. Teacher arrives on the first day
to find that the custodians have failed to return the chairs from
summer cleanup. They promised they would..... Other disasters:
hair not combed; someone has your parking place; this can go on and

Then for the retirees there are the things that really happened:
Student comes to the front of the room after class. He looks you in
the eye and says, "I have decided to kill you but I am going to wait
until the last day of school." OR: Female student hangs back after
class. Shedding tears she asks you if you will go to her house and
tell her mother that she is six months pregnant and she is afraid to
tell her mother. OR: Near the end of a class, termites swarm in the
center of the room. I yell, "Outside the class, immediately" "Line
up in the hall" Ten fail to follow this instruction and have termites
in their hair, ears, underwear----What if this had been a REAL tragedy?
This is enough to give anyone a taste of the excitement of

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Was this what it appeared to be???

Perhaps we (editorial we) should take this experience with a grain of salt. Perhaps not. I have hidden this experience until recently and then decided it was time to discuss it with you. I took myself to the Wal-Mart North because I was told vinegar was very cheap there. This was about noon on which day, I am not sure. I purchased four gallons of very cheap vinegar. No, the project is not pickles or, my favorite, watermelon pickles--it is killing weeds without using dangerous chemicals. Location: brick driveway at our house down the street. Also, I find having my work shoes smell like vinegar is far preferable to smelling like horse droppings.

Before I paid for the vinegar, I smelled coffee. I decided to stop at the little cafe in the Mart and have a cup of coffee. Two tables in front of me, I observed a dignified man(that means about my age with white hair) who was obviously extending a sermon of some sort to two young people seated across from him. I realized I had seen him on TV, preaching long complicated interpretations from the Bible. He usually uses a chalk board in the background. I do not stay for the whole
thing on TV. Well, this sermon continued, I finished my coffee and proceeded to the trash container to throw away the cup when a woman (seated on break with another woman) said to me, " quiet, he is marrying them."

Well, I turned to observe the scene and the two young people (Could they be in love? Were they rehearsing?) appeared to be saying vows, hands clasped together, intently looking at each other. Was I accidentally invited to a wedding? Perhaps this was a confession of some sort. Maybe they were rededicating themselves in their religious beliefs. The two women at the table near them sat in rapt attention. They were present for some special experience. Accidental witnesses, as I was also.

And this, kind readers, is the most interesting experience I have had at the Wal-Mart, which is a fine people watching place.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Hearing Aid Denial

If you are in denial about your need for hearing aids, do share your concerns. I will get mine in early August. Some souls believe that I already hear to much. That can't be true because half of it I SEE. My latest bit of information concerns what is a possible with hearing aids in the fashion world. We can now have them in about l8 colors. I actually saw a UK student having hers fitted. They were UK blue. Mine will be boring beige. I was attracted to yellow but thought that might be too conspicuous. "The fleeing woman was wearing yellow hearing aids." See how awful that would be?

More on Horse Manure Saga

So it was very interesting and productive to have such good suggestions
about our Horse Manure Problems. The day I had to drive through it in
the alley, I noticed (and smelled) horse manure on my tires. This
has lasted because it has not rained and I have not washed the car. If
one wants to impose the "fresh country smell" to this tire deposit of
manure, that is a fragrance I do not appreciate when getting in and out
of my car. It is a reminder of a somewhat disfunctional government.

And then, on July 4, when going toward Main Street on Jefferson, we
observed five or six mounted police in front of us. We were kindly
waved to proceed. The mounted force was undoubtedly headed toward the
crowds waiting for the fireworks. At Klair Alley, the horses proceeded
to dump in the middle of Jefferson Street. What a fresh country smell
we experienced. All the crowds crossing the street did also; all cars
driving through this carried this dung smell with them. Three days
ago there was a large deposit on N. Broadway at Sixth. Yes,
Theresa, economic development is important. The quality of life is
important also.

Loris Points

Friday, June 24, 2005

What's the Poop with Police horse manure?

Yesterday I needed to drive through Von Alley to Fayette Park. Can you
believe that I was brought to a stop with a complete 4 lb barricade of
horse manure over the entire roadway. Just think, those very nice
police left all that there and being in a clean car, I clinched my
teeth and drove on. We have not resolved the issue of gigantic blobs
of manure on the streets and just why our horse patrol does not bag
those horses. I understand it cost our fair city $6,000 last year to
pick it up. If it rains after it is deposited, the stench is for real.
As a person who appreciates aged manure in the garden, this is not
what it is. Hay and Oats, the police say. Good for your garden.
Nope. Our responsibility to clean it up? Nope. I appreciate good
citizenship but shoveling horse manure is not part of my program.

OK, all you bloggers, what is to be done??

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Blog from Mick: Birthday Day

As we all know, Jacques and George should decide to say at home for an extended period of time and assist their constituents in the resolution of many issues in the Hood. So here we go: Just exactly why is this area (their Districts) so full of trash? Why do those who run KU feel that it is OK to have a terrible dump area, weeds five or six feet high, and not clean this up?? Location: Between Rite-Aid and their service building on Loudon Avenue. Look in the phone book: try to find a number LOCALLY for KU to talk to a PERSON about this. No luck. Last year when they finally cut it they saw no reason to pick it up--bottles, trash, paper plates, cups, just name it.
What is wrong with those people? Did they all flunk civics? George, Jacques---DO SOMETHING. Stay with us. We have ISSUES.